Thursday, July 14, 2011

Spraypaint Fetish

For the past couple of years, I've been fixated on glossy, white ceramic objects, especially in animal form.  They've popped up everywhere, like West Elm, Anthropologie, and Z Gallerie.  But as any decorator on a budget knows, there's always a way to get what you want.

So I started looking for animals with interesting shapes, and completely disregarding what they look like to begin with.  A good coating of glossy white spray paint can make a sad looking puppy much better.


Make sure you start with a clean ceramic surface.  Always spraypaint outside - I learned this the hard way in college.  I have a pavestone that I've designated as my spraypainting platform, and I like to spray in the grass, so that once the lawn is mowed, the overspray is gone.

Start from the top and do one coat, making sure you don't get too close to the surface or drippage will occur.  Also make sure that you get all of the undersides of your critter.

Some animals I've done recently: Elephant, pair of Doves, Cocker Spaniel bookend, and our little dog friend on the right.

This trend isn't limited to animals, though.  I took an antique photo frame with a beautiful shape but unattractive finish and gave it the white glossy spraypaint treatment.  The result:

I adhered the frame to the oversized switch plate with a little hot glue.  The dining room now has the prettiest light switch in the house.

Now the hunt is on for the next spraypaint target!

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