Saturday, September 1, 2012

Inspiration Board: Bedroom

So, as promised, I finally finished my Master Bedroom inspiration board for the new house.  Since we just purchased our bed and dressers from Ikea in the last year, I have to incorporate those into the scheme.  But I did get to add lots of goodies for fun.

So pictured above is our ASPELUND bed frame and our 8-Drawer HEMNES dresser.  I love both of these pieces, and knew that they would work with a lot of different design schemes when I bought them.  Even though they're not expensive, I still wanted to be able to use them for a long time and not be limited or pigeon-holed into one style or another.

I'm also planning to use the same walnut-stained wide-plank hardwood flooring throughout the house, also featured in the kitchen, living and dining areas.  The curtains and the mirror are both from Ballard Designs.  The bench is one that we already have (currently in the living room in our little rental house), and the end table are both from Home Decorators Collection.  The chair is also from Home Decorators, and at just $373 is a total steal.  The bedding, wall sconce, lantern and antique drapery hardware are all from Pottery Barn.  The chandelier is the same one I used in the dining room (A little wacky to use a dining fixture in the bedroom? Maybe, but I'm okay with being wacky!), is also from IKEA.  I just love its simplistic design.  It really could go anywhere.

I put the topiary, the milk crate and the antique crystal doorknobs as inspiration for accent pieces, to reinforce my theme of getting back to nature, and to a more simple, rustic way of living.  My goal, with whichever house we buy, is to replace all the builder-basic satin nickel or (eek!) brass doorknobs with a crystal antique one.  It's just one of those small little details that really adds up to building a house with a little bit of character.

I also added the French door as a reminder that my goal is to replace a window in the master bedroom with a French door, so that we can expand the deck/patio area and have access directly from the bedroom.  I'm just imagining a hot tub on the deck, and the convenience of being able to run from the hot tub to the bedroom (naked, perhaps?).  Not to mention the added natural light and letting the dogs out in the middle of the night if needed.

So there we have it.  An overall theme of Modern Rustic Vintage, featuring primarily modern style furniture with clean lines, with natural colors and textures plus timeworn, aged metals, and antiques used as accent pieces throughout.  My design plan for a house that flows from one room to the next, with plenty of wiggle room for impulse buys and fun stuff added in along the way.  A place to relax, a place to work (especially for me, since I work from home) and a place to enjoy with friends and family.  My goal is to create a house that everyone always feels welcome to just drop on in, hang out and relax together.

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