Monday, September 3, 2012

Labor Day Weekend Thrifting

This weekend is proving to be a lazy one.  With an extra day thrown in.

Saturday morning we were in Loveland checking out a house, and on our way back to Milford, we passed a shop that I have seen but never had the chance to go in and poke around.  So immediately after passing it and seeing their OPEN sign illuminated, I yelled at my lovely husband Patrick to turn around so we could check it out.

I'm so glad we did!

This place is a gem.  It's called Vintage Market & Thrift  and their sales go to a good cause.  They have a huge selection of antiques and thrift items, with a ton of furniture and home goods.  I started a pile of things I wanted just a few minutes after getting in the door, and had to ask the nice guy at the counter if they had shopping carts.  They do.

I exercised a bit of restraint and came away with a few goodies, all for just $22.

I grabbed this mirror for $10.

It's a nice size and shape - I love the enlongated oval.  Not so nice is the 35+ or so years of junk that has collected in all the decorative nooks and crannies.

But I love all the detail in it.  It's going to get cleaned up and spraypainted (white gloss, of course).  It's not very big, so I need to find a suitable spot for it - maybe at the end of the hallway.

I also picked up this little guy for $5:

I'm not loving the retro gold and black finish, so it's also gonna get some sprayin' love.

He does have a tiny crack where his ear broke off at some point in the past, but whomever his previous owner was did a good job with the super glue.  Once he's painted, you'll never know.

This is actually my very first owl purchased for our house.  I guess I'm a little (okay, a lot) late at jumping on the owl trend, but I'm okay with that.  I prefer cuddly animals anyway.

I grabbed a dozen fake green apples for $7.50.

These babies are going to help me carry out my green accent for the story boards I've been doing.  And since there's twelve of them, I can divide them up if needed and use them in different arrangements or entirely different rooms if I need to.  I also grabbed another glass cylinder, which I picked up for $2.  I always buy these at thrift stores, since they're so cheap there.  It's a great money saver and you can never have too many.

On Sunday morning, the hubs and I packed up and headed off to the Tri-State Antique Market in Lawrenceburg, Indiana.  It's just across the border from Cincinnati, but since we live on the far east side of town, it's a 45 minute drive for us.

They always hold it on the first Sunday of the month, and October is the last month of the 2012 season for them.

Patrick is pumped, can't you tell?
It's at the Lawrenceburg Fair Grounds, on Route 50, just off of Interstate 275.  For just $3 to get in, you can browse the state's largest antique-only show every month.  This one is good because it's exclusive to antiques and vintage items.  No shady vendors hacking Nascar blankets here.

Me, in my antique market outfit.  Vintage dress, Hunter boots, fake pearls.
Since they hold it at the fairgrounds, there is a ton of space and a lot of vendors.  Some of them have to brave the elements out on the lawn, but many of the booths are in covered pavilions.

This rabbit statue sits at the entrance to the expo pavilion. 

What a handsome fella!

Although the skies were ominously dark the whole morning, we only had a few drops here and there.  The vendors were breaking out the tarps just in case.

Stormy Skies
Since there are so many vendors, and it's a strictly antique and vintage only market, the variety of things for sale is vast.

Vintage Signs

They also have a lot of really nice furniture pieces. 

Vintage Chest O' Drawers

They have some great old industrial worktables that we'd love to buy to use as a kitchen island.  Here are some inspiration photos:

Custom kitchen island from salvaged materials



Alternate View

We only brought $40 with us so that we couldn't get into too much trouble.  I did pick up a few items, though.

I purchased this piece of ironstone for just $5.

English Origin Stamp
Rim Detail

I love all of the fine lines showing so many years of use.  Although, it will serve a purely decorative function at my house.

I also bought a couple of antique crystal doorknobs for $20.  My goal is to have all of our doorknobs switched out to these one day.  One day.

These will add a little vintage glam to our doors.  I can't wait to have a home for them!

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