Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Happy Hunter Day!

No, it's not a national holiday that you're unaware of - (although there probably is a National Hunter Day).  Today is the day that my new Hunter rain boots arrived!

Thanks to my lovely UPS man for delivering them safely to my doorstep!

I've been wanting a pair of these for years - since at least Fall 2008 - but have put off buying them because I never thought I needed them.  I remember sharing an elevator with a very tall, glamourous-looking model after a fashion show in Chicago.  She was wearing the bright yellow glossy tall Hunters, and I remember being so jealous!  I want to be a tall glamourous model in Chicago with skinny legs and Hunters!

Original Tall Gloss in Vintage Yellow
Price also kept me from buying them.  With a $135.00 price tag, it's not the kind of purchase I can afford to just buy without a lot of consideration.  And saving.

Let me assure you, the thrill of opening the box today was worth the price.

What a beautiful box!

Original Tall.  Women's Size 9.  Dark Olive.  Perfection.

Let me itemize the reasons why this was a great day (and a great purchase - finally!)

-  Hunter has been making these boots for the British since 1856.  There's a link to the Hunter brand history here.  They've been making them pretty much the same way ever since.
-  They will last forever.  They have the official seal of  Her Majesty the Queen and the Duke of Edinburgh stamped inside.  The Queen doesn't just go around endorsing products left and right.  Hunter even made over 1.1 million boots for the troops in WWI.  If they can handle combat, they can handle a little snow and mud in southern Ohio.

The Official Seals of the British Monarchy.  There's Also a Spot for Your Name and Phone Number!

-  The color and style I chose is completely classic Hunter.  Dark olive reads as a neutral - neither black nor brown - so I can wear them with a variety of colors.  The Classic Tall style will never go out of fashion.  It's the same, original style since the early days - no trendy footwear here.

New Boot Day!

The Logo is Backward Since I was Shooting into the Mirror

Once it gets cold, I'm getting me a pair of these puppies, to be really warm.

Moss Cable Cuff Welly Sock in Cream

"The cuff of these welly socks features a new cable knit design, which wraps horizontally round the top of the cuff complimented by a finer moss stitch underneath. Our welly socks are made from soft fleece to keep your feet cozy and give a snug fit in your Original Boots."

At just $40 for snuggley, fleecy socks, I figure these'll be a good Christmas/Birthday gift idea for myself.

I can't wait to wear them this fall and winter!  Is it boot weather yet?!

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