Monday, October 29, 2012

All Moved In!

Mercy!  What a crazy last few days it's been.  We closed on the house last Wednesday night, and brought the Jeep and my car full of stuff to the title company, so we could drop it all off immediately after we got the keys.  We've been hauling truck and carloads of stuff from the rental house in Milford for four days, and with the help of Patrick's dad and stepmom, we were able to get everything out by 8 p.m. on Saturday night.

I've slowly been unpacking the garage, which is where we just kind of dumped everything while we were moving things out to the new house.  We're definitely talking about a s-l-o-w process.

I do, however have some priorities in line.

After spending the night here on Friday night, we woke up and each took quickie showers Saturday morning.  Mine was cold.  Buying and installing a new water heater moved to the top of the project list, and we got that taken care of on Sunday. 

Another little task I couldn't wait to get out of the way was taking down the wooden spindle room divider between the living and dining rooms.  Remember this?

Well, Patrick and I wasted no time removing that puppy.  It's amazing what a difference it made.

I also took down the house number and last name of the previous owner that was above the garage door on the barn.  Since they've been up so long, I need to touch up the siding with some paint to make the outlines completely disappear, but I don't think it's that noticeable from the road.

The room with the most progress thus far is the office, which I had to get set up right away so that I could work tomorrow morning.  The internet guys came this morning (which is why I'm able to post!).

Here's how the office looks so far:

Lots of junk still needing a place to go, but at least I can work.  Most of the boxes in this photo are just hanging out in here until I get the other rooms done, since they're full of decorations and "fluffy" things.  I just didn't want them in the garage and risk them getting broken.

And then there's the kitchen.  The delivery people from Lowes should be here to drop off our new fridge shortly.  Here's what we ended up buying last Saturday:
It's a Samsung 25.6 cu ft Side-by-Side Stainless Steel Energy Star fridge that is listed for $1,299, but was at the Lowes store for $999.  We were shopping Saturday, and Patrick really liked this one (I think the LED interior lights sealed the deal for him), and I liked another one that was $1,299.  Luckily we found the same Samsung in the clearance aisle for $799.  Someone purchased it and decided they wanted a counter-depth model instead, so they brought it back.  We were pretty proud of our find.

I also picked up about 47 white paint samples from Lowes on Sunday to see which one I want for painting the cabinets.  My process goes like this: I fan them all out and eliminate the ones that are too green, too pink, or too yellow.  Then I'm taking a few at a time and taping them up so I can see how they look with the existing tile backsplash and woodgrain laminate countertops. 


Then I'll eliminate them one by one until I've got it narrowed down to the white that looks the best with the backsplash, the counter and whatever color I pick for the walls and trim.  I'm looking for a pure white for the baseboard and door trim, so I want a slightly creamier white for the cabinets.  Once the cabinets are painted, I think it will go a long way to helping the countertop and backsplash look nicer.  It won't be fabulous, but at least it will be tolerable until we're able to save up for a total kitchen remodel.

This afternoon's agenda consists of a BIG trip to IKEA for those things you don't realize you need until you're unpacking and getting everything situated.


IKEA, my happy place.

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